How to dispose of a lawn mower

It is always a hectic job to dispose of old machinery at home, especially old gardening tools and machines. A lot of people are confused about how to dispose of old lawnmowers. A better option is to sell your lawn mower when you wish to shift over to the new machine, but in good condition, but if you are not the guy to buy a new machine till the end of your used machine’s shelf life then this article is useful for you. In this article, I will discuss how to dispose of old lawn mower easily.

When you decide to dispose of your lawn mower you must need to do a self-assessment of your lawn mower, and check the following things before disposing of your machine.

  • Is the lawn mower engine working?
  • Lawn mower body is not much deteriorated
  • Present price of your machine in the market

After assessing these three questions if the answer is a complete NO, you dispose of your lawn mower. If the answer is YES you may sell your lawn mower online or by visiting the near market.


Step 1:

In the case of a gas/fuel-powered lawn mower, clear all the gas from the gas tank completely.

Step 2:

In the case of an electric lawn mower you need to remove the batteries.

Step 3:

Remove all the valuable parts like wheels, spark plugs etc so that you can use these parts in other machines.

Step 4:

Check the seat handlebar and other useful parts.

Best Options To Dispose Of Your Lawn Mower

After removing and doing all the mentioned work, your mower is ready to dispose of. There are two best options to dispose of your lawn mower.

Recycle it through the company

There are several companies who provide recycling services you can easily contact these guys, they collect your mower and recycle it easily you do not need to worry about the scrap and other formalities.

Scrap it

Secondly, you can remove all the plastic and sell all the metal parts in the scrap shop, so that you earn some money by selling these metal parts. It’s easy to remove the metal parts from your mower and you do not need any kind of special tool.


Many homeowners and professionals upgrade their lawnmowers after some time or when any upgraded mower model is available. Their old lawnmower is working perfectly.

In this case,

It is unnecessary to dispose of or scrape your mower. You may go for other options. These options are:

Give it as a charity

If you upgrade to the new model of your working lawnmower, the best option is to dispose of it or to give it as a charity to any association, family, relatives, or friend. Your small step brings smiles to other faces, and someone uses this mower to cut the grass instead of throwing it into the scrap.

Sell your lawnmower

The other option for your old working lawnmower is to sell it in the market. You have to assess your lawnmower before selling it and check all the parts; after assessing and estimating the market price according to the condition of your lawnmower, you can quickly sell your mower in the market or sell locally. A correct and calculated deal will give you handsome money for your old lawnmower.


It depends upon your choice of what you want to do with your mower. In gasoline-powered mower must drain the oil and gas and then scrap it. For electric lawnmowers, you hand over the mower to the electronic waste recycling center. Additionally, many cities and counties offer a free collection of your old lawnmower and other machines.

Yes, you can donate your old lawn mower to a local charity or any organization which you find suitable for your mower.

The best way to store a lawn mower is to store it in your garage, where rain and other environmental impacts not deteriorate your mower life.

It depends upon the state and place where you are living. In some areas, you are not allowed to dispose of your lawn mower. In general, you must contact the professionals or any institution which properly scraps your old lawn mower.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, disposing of the lawn mower and other machines is a little bit tricky and needs attention, because if you throw them away without any precaution it may cause injury to any person, additionally, as a responsible citizen, it’s your responsibility to dispose of these machines correctly. For this purpose, the above-mentioned steps are very useful and essential.

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