I am Zeeshan Haider,
CEO and founder of Greenery Enthusiast

I am into gardening since my childhood, I love to spend time in nature. I love the soothing environment in the garden and I love the fragrance of fresh grass which gives me immense pleasure. In my student life, I start studying gardening stuff and gradually I learned a lot of new things in this field. I tested many lawn mowers including, Gasoline, Electric, and Push mowers.

A friend of mine gives me an idea to transfer the knowledge to the masses through the internet, therefore, I started the Greenery Enthusiast, This hobby is not only playing important role in your mental health but also very useful to get rid of the constant and devastating threat of climate change in a long run. Everyone must grow at least one plant on its own.

I hope you will support me so, that make this world a better place to live.

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