Attaching a grass catcher to your lawn mower

Sometimes grass clippings are a mess while you are mowing and your work time extends owing to removing the unnecessary grass clipping after finishing the mowing work. The situation becomes more crucial when you have a big yard that is a fuss to remove all the grass clippings at one time. To address this issue you have two options, your mower is up to mark and come up with the grass catcher, Secondly, you are using a mower that has no grass catcher so in this case, you need to buy the grass catcher from the market and attach it to your lawn mower and hence your grass clippings collect inside that grass catcher.


It is very clear you have to evaluate and consider some important factors before installing the grass catcher in your lawnmower. These important factors are:


Lawnmowers are of different designs, shapes, and sizes. Therefore you first need to evaluate the possibility to installing the grass catcher in your mower. For this purpose read the company instruction manual to know about the grass catcher location and type specifically for your machine.


The second factor is safety. When you are commencing any kind of work in your mower always be careful about the general i.e. use of safety gloves.


Proper tools are mandatory when you are doing maintenance. Screwdriver set, wrenches. And pliers are essential tools and must be in your home for general maintenance work. If you are not using the proper tool, it may cause serious injury and even loss of life in case of any mishap so always use the proper tools while working.

Attaching a rear grass catcher to your riding lawn mower

Many types of grass catchers are available in the market, but the rear grass catcher is a favorite for every lawnmower user because it’s fitted perfectly and looks good in every type of lawnmower. Follow the step to attach the rear grass catcher to your lawn mower:

Step 1: Preparation of work

The first step to attaching the grass catcher you need to stop the work, power off the lawn mower, and readily available all the necessary tools and safety gloves to protect your hand from injury while attaching the grass catcher.

Step 2: Installing the bracket to hold the grass catcher

After preparation, now you install the bracket to hold the catcher. Locate the area according to your lawn mower model and install the bracket by using screws. While installing the bracket be careful so that the bracket is fitted properly and the screws are not loose.

Step 3: Install the bag attachment and bags to the bracket

In the third step, after fitting of bracket now install the bag attachment and bags to the bracket. The cotter pin is used to lock the attachment to the bracket using the socket wrench. After doing this now attach the bag to the bag attachment.

Step 4: Connection of grass catcher to the lawn mower

In the last, the Grass catcher comes up with the tube, the tube is used to connect with the side discharge housing. After connection, all the grass clippings go inside the grass catcher.

Attachment of grass catcher to the Push mower

Attachment of the grass catcher to the push mower follows the same above-mentioned step but in this case, you need to be careful to buy the correct grass catcher, according to your model. You may visit the shop or discuss with the sales guy before ordering online because not every grass catcher is suited to your lawn mower. So, before buying any grass catcher see if it is best fitted for your lawnmower model.


  • Easy to attach
  • Collect all the grass clippings
  • Available in different sizes and capacity
  • Cost efficient
  • Save your time collecting the clippings
  • Not suited for every lawnmower
  • Low-Quality products (In some cases)
  • Some Catcher does not collect all the clippings


Attaching a grass catcher to the lawnmower will depend on your mower’s model and the type of grass catcher you have. Generally, People connect the grass catcher to the discharge chute or attach it to the rear side of the mower with the bracket or straps depending upon the size and shape.

No, the grass catcher is not used with all lawnmowers. It may vary according to the company, and before buying any catcher, you must check the user manual or service franchise of your mower company to know whether the grass catcher is compatible or not with your mower type.

It is not necessary to use a grass catcher, but it can be a convenient way to collect grass clippings and other debris as you mow. This can make it easier to dispose of the clippings and keep your lawn looking neat and clean.

Similar to the model of a grass catcher and lawnmower, the process of emptying a grass catcher may vary. Some grass catcher uses removable bags, while others require a specific tool to remove the grass clippings.

It depends upon the grass catcher model. Some are used in reverse, while most of the time, grass catcher are not worked in reverse.


Grass catchers make your life easy to collect grass clippings, many people or using ordinary lawn mowers and due to low budget unable to buy expensive lawnmowers, so grass catcher is a good option to attach to your lawnmower to get rid of grass clippings and to save your precious time. After reading this article you can attach and de-attach the grass catcher from your lawn mower easily without any hurdle. In case of confusion, feel free to email us. Our technical team is ready to help you out with your day-to-day problems.

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