What is Lawnmower?

Lawn mower lifeline for the gardening hobbyist

Lawn Mower is a machine/tool used to cut the grass and shapes the lawn/ Garden. Lawn Mower is the lifeline for Gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts who like a lush green grassy lawn in their office or home. Lawn Mower Machine is widely used by Gardener in offices, industries, and Plant nurseries. Similarly, people also use lawn mower machines in their homes for trimming and cutting grass in their gardens and lawns.

Working Principle of Lawn Mower

Erstwhile, when these machines are not invented, people face a lot of problems cutting the grass and re-shape their lawn/garden. The idea of lawn mower came into the mind of Engineer Edwin Beard Budding, born in Eastington, Stroud, who was the English inventor of the lawnmower and adjustable spanner. Mr. Edwin invented the machine with a 480 mm wide frame. The machine comprises blades on its head. The blades are not adjustable it’s fixed. When the gardener exerts a force on the handle and hence the grass is cut from the blade surfaces.

Aftermath, the invention of Edwin Lawn Mower, there is a fast development seen in the manufacturing of Land Mowers, rotary land mowers, electric land mowers, and petrol engine land mowers. Today, Land mower manufacturer industries are billion dollars businesses in the whole World. The idea of Edwin is so mature that, today land mower vehicles are made and used by well-known sports clubs for the shape and trimming of grassy grounds which are bigger. Commercial lawn mowers are first used in 1930 by Power Specialist Ltd.

Composition of Land Mowers

Although, nowadays land mowers are different from the basic land mower machines. But, the basic parts which are essential for all the land mowers are the same. These are appended below for your knowledge and best understanding:

These are the basic parts that are almost used by every single mower machine. However, now a day’s lawn mower uses engine power, and of course, the engine has different parts but the basic composition is based on the above three parts.

Type of Lawn Mower Machines

There are three basic classifications of Lawnmowers. Mostly, lawn mowers are part of this classification used in the world. For best understanding, just learn the basic concept of this classification, once you understand, it’s easy for the user to choose the best land mower according to their requirement.
The classification is as follows:

  • Push Mowers
  • Rotary Mowers
  • Hover Mowers
  • Self-Propelled Mowers

Push Mowers:

Push Mowers or hand mowers are those kinds of the mower in which blades/ reel is attached to the plastic or rubber wheel. Once the gardener uses force and moves the machine it will cut the grass in a forwarding direction. This kind of mower is generally used for small lawns in homes. These mowers do not need any kind of fuel or additional power, just the user exerts the force on the handle and by moving tires, and blades cut the grass.

These mowers are not so accurate and might not cut the grass equally because of using manual force by the user. However, useful for small lawns in the home where you do not need any kind of extra care for the grass.

Rotary Mowers:

Rotary mowers consist of a single horizontal blade and cut the rougher grass. Due to its shape and blade position, it might cut the green portion of the grass which looks ugly on the lawn. Rotary mowers are an advantage for cutting the whole grass equally. Some modern mowers also contain a rear roller to provide a smoother cutting of grass. Rotary mowers are available in all three options electric, battery, and petrol option.

Hover Mowers:

A hover mower works by creating a cushion of air between mower blades and lawn. The mower takes air from the inlets and exerts pressure on the fan. Hence, it moves the blades and cuts the grass on uneven surfaces, and corners, and slops easily. Hover mowers are lightweight and easily carry able. Hover Mowers works on electricity.

Self-Propelled Mowers:

Self-Propelled Mowers consist of a control lever in the handlebar or separately which is responsible to move the mower. The operator does not need to push the mower. Just guiding in the lawn/yard. The self-propelled mower comes in front, rear and both wheels drive.

Types of Blades Used in Lawn Mowers

There are several kinds of blades used in Lawnmowers according to mower as well as lawn/garden type. However, some widely used blades are explained below:

A Flat Type Blade:

The blade of the mower is completely flat and useful for sandy soil where the surfaces are rigid.

High Lift blades:

As the name indicated these blades are high lifted, these blades are used when you are cutting tall grass.

Low Lift blades:

These blades come up with the low lift, and are used for cutting small grass less than three inches.

Gator blades:

Gator blades are mostly used by mower companies. These blades have all the characteristics like low and high lift and flat surfaces. Mostly used in the fall season to cut the overgrown grass.

Types of Grass:

With the lush green lawn, your home is more comfortable and you feel happy, therefore the type of grass matters in this regard. Few types of grass look so good, however, few of them are hard and not suitable for the home and yards. Therefore to determine and buy the mower it is mandatory to know the type of grass on your lawn. Some of the types are grass are as follows:

Kentucky Bluegrass:

Blue grass or Kentucky grass is smooth meadow grass that mostly grows in European countries. The scientific name of blue grass is Poa Pratensis. The species of this grass also grow in the United States. This grass is dark green/blue. The grass is soft and feels good, mostly kids are happy to play on this grass.

  • Beautiful dark green or blue hue enhances lawn aesthetics.
  • Soft texture, ideal for children’s play areas.
  • Adaptable to a variety of climates, especially cooler ones.
  • Self-repairing ability can fill in patches over time.

  • Requires regular maintenance including watering and fertilizing.
  • Not as drought-tolerant as other varieties.
  • Can be susceptible to certain lawn diseases.

Fine Fescue:

Fine Fescue seeds come in five different varieties like Hard Fescue, Sheep Fescue, Chewing Fescue, creeping red Fescue, etc. The grass is best for less warm regions with low mountain areas. Leafs of the grass are medium green. These kinds of grass need moisture whenever growing. Need extra care all the time.

  • Thrives in cooler, less fertile soil conditions.
  • Low maintenance, doesn’t require much fertilization.
  • Shade tolerant, good for lawns with less sunlight.
  • Drought-resistant once established.
  • Not ideal for high-traffic areas, as it can wear easily.
  • Can clump and create an uneven lawn surface.
  • May struggle in very hot or humid climates.


The ryegrass is taller and quickly growing grass and prevents soil erosion. This grass is used in both residential and commercial gardens. The ryegrass is also costly to maintain. Mostly, grow in a cool environment. The above types of grass/turf are suitable in European countries because these turfs need a cool environment. These turfs have their advantages and need care.

  • Fast-growing, great for quick lawn establishment.
  • Excellent for preventing soil erosion.
  • Offers a thick, lush lawn appearance.
  • Good in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Higher maintenance costs due to rapid growth.
  • Not as heat-tolerant, prefers cooler climates.
  • Can require more frequent mowing compared to other types.

Warm Season Grass Types

Bermuda Turf:

Bermuda Turf is a warm-season grass, this turf mostly grows after spring through the summer season. The grass is dense and medium and grows in most of the soils in warm regions. Normally this turf is used on several grounds.


  • Thrives in warm weather, especially from spring through summer.
  • It grows well in various soils, making it versatile for different regions.
  • The grass forms a dense, medium texture, ideal for various grounds, providing a robust surface.


  • It may require more maintenance in mowing and watering to keep it looking its best.
  • It can be invasive, spreading to areas that might not be wanted.

St. Augustine Grass:

This grass is also grown in hotter climates. This turf is medium to high and formed thick grass with thick roots. Smoother and carpet looks distinguish this turf from other types. These grass might have issues and carry diseases and deteriorate early. However, a lot of people use this grass on the lawns in warm areas.


  • Perfect for hotter climates, adapting well to warm conditions.
  • It forms a thick, carpet-like appearance with a smoother texture, giving lawns a lush look.
  • Its thick roots help it to establish firmly and quickly.


  • More susceptible to diseases and pests, leading to deterioration.
  • They might need more care to prevent early decline, including regular monitoring for signs of disease.

Zoysia Turf:

Zoysia Turf is also grown in warm areas, survive in heavy traffic area, is durable, and comes up with light green color.  In drought season it is always green because of its composition additionally it’s less green than other grasses but dense when grown.  Best for those garden enthusiast who prefers to spend more time on the lawn and arrange most of their gathering in the park.


  • It is highly durable and withstands heavy foot traffic, making it great for busy lawns and parks.
  • Remains green even in drought conditions due to its efficient water use.
  • It offers a dense growth pattern, providing a full, lush lawn appearance.


  • Tends to be less green than other grass types, which might not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.
  • It requires patience for establishment, as it grows more slowly than some other grasses.

Selection of Lawn Mower:

It is very confusing to choose a lawn mower for every garden hobbyist and enthusiast. People mostly choose the wrong mower which creates a mess instead of cutting the grass. Although, if you have a garden on acres or you want to choose the mower for your commercial activity, you need to study deeply before choosing the mower. However, if you are maintaining the home lawn keep the following points in your mind.

  • Area of Lawn
  • Type of Grass (Bushes, long leafs, etc)
  • Financial Range
  • The surfaces of your lawn (Like sloppy, uneven surfaces, etc)
  • Safety features
  • Type and Quantity of Blades.

General Safety:

  • Inspect the machine for any loose nut or part before starting.
  • Always clean the machine before using and after using.
  • Be careful while using the machine.
  • Keep away from the children.
  • While using a machine always look if there is any debris who are dangerous to the eyes and face.

Electrical / Fire Safety

  • Always check the loose wires before using the machine.
  • Do not touch the iron surfaces it might give you a shock if the machine is short to the current.
  • Always look after the motor for any damage or loosing of the belt.
  • More careful while using the machine on watery turf or surfaces.
  • Fuel is very sensitive to fire so be curious and careful while using the machine.
  • If the lawn is large and you are not using the commercial mower always stop the machine during work for 15 to 20 minutes and then start again to avoid any incident.
  • Always get the training about machine working and safety before using.
  • If you have a Gardener in your home always give him/her training before handing over the machine.
  • In warm areas when the temperature is high there is a fire hazard because of machine temperature and environment temperature so you must stop working cool down the machine and then start again to finish your grass trim.

Popular Lawn Mower Types and brands

Lawn Mower TypeDescriptionPopular Brands
Push Reel MowerManual mower that uses a reel to cut grassFiskars, American Lawn Mower Company
Gas-Powered Walk-Behind MowerMower that is powered by gasoline and must be pushedHonda, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna
Self-Propelled MowerGas-powered mower with a drive system that propels the mower forwardToro, Craftsman, Snapper
Electric Walk-Behind MowerMower that is powered by electricity and must be pushedBlack+Decker, Greenworks
Riding MowerLarger mower that is ridden like a vehicleJohn Deere, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt


If you are thinking to buy a lawnmower for your lawn, or you already ordered but you do not know the exact area of your backyard/lawn, then you commit a big mistake. You must know your lawn area before buying the lawnmower. Every lawnmower is not best for your lawn, it depends on several factors. In these factors area of your lawn is very important. To measure the area of your lawn at home follow these points:


  • Rectangular Lawn: a x b
  • Square Lawn a2
  • Lawn like Right Angle Triangle a x b/2
  • Lawn with the shape of Obtuse Triangle a x b/2
  • Rhombus Lawns a x b
  • Semi-Circle Lawns pie x r2 / 2 rsquare
  • Circle Lawns Pie x r2 rsquare
  • L shape lawn (a x b) + (c x d)
  • U shape lawn {2 ( a x b) + (c x d) }
  • Rohmboid a x b

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

A lawnmower is a machine that is used to trim the turf/grass of your garden.

Lawnmowers are available in various options, starting from hand mowers, electric mowers, battery mowers, and energy source mowers like using petrol.

You can buy online or by going to the hardware store in your city.

No, you cannot need any kind of special training, just know the basic operation and start working with the mower.

All mowers are best, however, according to the requirement of your lawn/garden you can choose the best option from that segment. i.e petrol, electric, battery, and hand-moved mower.


The life is very short, in daily hectic routines and stressful environments you need to choose any hobby which gives you pleasure and happiness. Gardening is the best hobby it will not give you happiness but is also helpful in healing your psychological diseases. A lush green grassy lawn inside your home not only gives a beautiful look but also plays an important role in your day-to-day routines. For the maintenance of your lawn. The lawn mower is the best machine to trim your home lawn turf/grass. You can buy any kind of mower which suits you. In upcoming articles, I will discuss how to choose the best mower in the market at cheap rates which are not a burden on your home finance.

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