Why is my lawn mower surging

Why is my lawn mower surging?

Are you frustrated with your lawnmower surging and cannot figure out why? Well, you are not alone. Surging is a common issue that every lawnmower owner experiences, including me.

Despite my best efforts to maintain and troubleshoot my mower, I still find myself hearing that annoying surging sound and a question came into my mind “Why is My Lawn mower Surging? If you are in the same boat, don’t worry.

In this blog, I will explore the various potential causes and solutions for your surging engine. Whether your lawnmower engine runs intermittently, revs up and down uncontrollably, or only surges under specific conditions, such as when it is hot or the fuel level is low, I will try to cover it all.

The most likely reason behind a surging lawn mower engine is a blockage in the fuel supply. So, let’s dive into the details and get your lawnmower running smoothly once again.

Why my lawnmower is surging? The Immediate Answer:

The lawnmowers start surging because the fuel-to-air mix ratio in the engine is unbalanced. The problem occurred when you are not doing the mandatory maintenance of your mower. Your carburetor starts malfunctioning due to dirt and other particles inside the carburetor.



The major reason for lawnmower surging is the blockage of fuel supply. The fuel-air mix ratio is unbalanced therefore lawnmower engine is surging. However, there are other possible reasons which are responsible for the engine surging. These reasons vary according to engine specs, to user handling, and also depend upon the last serving of the lawnmower. These possible reasons are:

  • Use of Bad fuel
  • Fault in the carburetor
  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Dirty fuel filter
  • Faulty Spark Plug
  • Water inside the Carburetor
  • Change Oil

To address the surging issue you might check all these possible reasons, for this purpose you need to check all these possible reasons step by step.


The first thing is always to use the correct and good quality fuel. If you use bad fuel whether it is gas or petrol it will reduce the performance of your engine and your engine life expires soon. So, always use the appropriate fuel which is mentioned in the instruction manual of your lawnmower or which is recommended by your lawnmower company.


Another major reason behind the surging of lawnmowers is the fault of the carburetor. The carburetor is the device that is used to mix the air and fuel in the combustion engine. The device is responsible to pass the fuel to the engine intake and if this part is defective your lawn mower is surging. You need to clean the carburetor.


If the air is dirty it does not provide the air to the carburetor, therefore the ratio of fuel and air mixture is unbalanced and your lawnmower starts surging. Therefore always check the air filter for any dirt and wear and tear and clean it or replace it.


Similarly, the dirt in the fuel filter hampers the supply of fuel in the carburetor therefore the engine of your lawnmower starts surging. You must replace or clean the fuel filter.


Another possible reason for surging is a fault in the spark plug. Sometimes your spark plug is malfunctioning and does not provide the continuous electric supply from the coil to the electrode therefore your lawnmower starts surging. In this case, you need to clean the spark plug or replace it with a new one. To learn about the cleaning of spark plug read the article about cleaning the spark plug on your own.


Sometimes when your clean your lawn mower and service your lawn mower by using pressured water. The water goes inside the carburetor and when you start the mower engine it starts surging. For this issue always cover the electric things and carburetor while cleaning and servicing your mower with water.


Another possible reason for the surging you do not change the oil on time which raises the temperature of the engine and it starts surging. If you do not change the oil on time it may cease your engine. Therefore always change the oil after completion of the mentioned working hours in the company instruction manual. You can also talk with the service guy at your mower company



The major reason behind the surging of your lawn mower is the malfunctioning of your lawnmower carburetor. The carburetor needs to be cleaned after an appropriate time because the low-quality fuel and dirt will disturb the air-fuel mixture ratio which is responsible for the surging. To clean the carburetor on your own follow these steps:

Step 1:

Remove the Air filter to access the carburetor

Step 2:

Close the fuel gauge and fuel supply line

Step 3:

Now remove the carburetor carefully

Step 4:

Dismantles the carburetor by using the screwdriver and spanner.

Step 5:

Clean the carburetor and its part from the inside with the WD-40 or another cleaning lubricant very carefully. In case no cleaning lubricant is available you also use petrol for cleaning your carburetor. Always be careful so that the pins in the carburetor do not get damaged or removed.

Step 6:

Inspect the carburetor carefully and if any part is damaged replace it with a new one.

Step 7:

Rinse all the parts of your carburetor and wait till all the parts of the carburetor are dry completely.

Step 8:

Assemble the carburetor and install it in the lawn mower.

Step 9:

Connect the fuel line and install the Air filter and now it is again ready to start the lawnmower to check if it is working properly or not.


The lawn mower is surging due to many reasons, the major reasons for surging are carburetor issues, use of low-grade fuel, machine-required tuning (cleaning of air and fuel filter), etc. The surging problem fixed easily at home

the tuning and servicing of lawn mowers depend upon the working hours and company recommendations, for example, the tuning of the green work lawn mower is different from Husqvarna and other mowers. To do the servicing and tuning of your machine you need to see the instruction and operating manual of your machine. The working horse and servicing time are mentioned in the relevant book.

The answer is Yes and No, In some cases YES, if your lawnmower carburetor is dirty and faulty it means the dirt and other particles go inside the lawnmower which may cease your machine engine, In some cases NO, because if there is an issue with the electricity or machine required servicing than your engine is not ceased after servicing and resolve electricity issue your machine starts working again.

Lawnmower surging refers to the engine condition, during operation mower sound revs up and revs down and continuously produces a disturbing sound called lawnmower surging.

Surging is the most common problem in lawn mowers and almost every user faces this problem at least one time.

There are several factors behind the surging problem. However, most commonly due to dirty filters, the spark plug has deteriorated or your lawnmower is not maintained and recommended service is due. All these are the common causes of surging in mowers.

Always do the maintenance of your mower on time. Check the filters and clean the spark plug periodically to avoid this kind of issue in your machine.


It is very easy and convenient for you to do the basic maintenance of your lawn mower on your own at home. You will save money and time and additionally you do not need to transport the mower to the company service shop. To avoid any inconvenience, you need to do the maintenance of your lawnmower on time. Clean the spark plug, check the air and fuel filter, and clean the carburetor by doing these simple steps. Your lawn mower is working perfectly and you do not face any problems. The life and performance of your lawn mower also increased.

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