best way to cut grass with a push mower

Best way to cut grass with a push mower

Maintaining a well-maintained lawn not only enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also promotes healthy grass growth. Generally, homeowners use push mowers to mow their lawns, and most of them are asking about the best way to cut the grass with a push mower.

In this blog, I will provide you with the essential steps and tips for achieving a professional-looking cut with your push lawnmower. It is worth mentioning although a good lawnmower provides you with a very comfortable and easy cut but most of the time you need to mow correctly instead of using advanced machines


If you know how to mow and when to mow your lawn, then I think a push lawnmower can give your lawn a beautiful and well-manicured look.


If you are a professional gardener, beginner, or homeowner, this blog will provide you with the best ways and expert tips to ensure your grass is trimmed perfectly using a push lawnmower.


In the upcoming paragraphs, I provide you with the best steps/tips to mow your lawn perfectly using a push mower. These tips are:


The very first tip for a good cut is to check and ready the lawnmower. In push mowers check the blades and clean the mower surfaces and remove all the grass clippings from the deck and blade area so when you start mowing it will easily cut the grass. Similarly, if your mower has an option to set the height you can set it on the highest preferred setting. By doing these simple steps your mower is ready for mowing activity.


When you start mowing your lawn you can start from the corners/edges. Mowing corners is a bit tricky and if you are using a push lawnmower it is obvious your energy has decreased after some time so it is a chance that you now mow your corners/edges perfectly. So, always start mowing from the corners, gently and carefully mow the edges, and then it is easy to mow the rest of the lawn area easily.

Mowing Patterns

The third tip is to change the mowing patterns. People are always mowing their lawns straight and if you are using a push mower it is very clear that a single mowing pattern does not give the best look. So, it is very important to change the mowing pattern frequently to give a beautiful look to your lawn. Changing mowing patterns provide variation and your grass is not inclined toward one side.


Similarly, many people damage their lawn grass because of their small size, push lawn mowers contain simple blades and if you mow small grass, this will definitely damage the grass root. Wait until the grass is of suitable size.


Push lawn mowers are fully dependent on the user. It is very clear that when you are behind your mower you definitely do not mow it at the same speed. It is important to maintain the same speed while using a push lawnmower. If you vary speed while mowing it will definitely give different shapes to your grass in different sections of your lawn.

Similarly, always gently applied the force into the push lawnmower some people exert extra pressure into the lawnmower which will not only damage the grass but also damage your lawnmower. It is recommended to apply the force gently to your lawnmower.


Mowing is an easy and difficult job at the same time. Without proper tips and steps you are unable to reshape your garden, whether you are using a push lawnmower or using an advanced riding lawn mower. I tried to provide you with the basic information which is essential. These are the best way to cut the grass with a push lawnmower.

By adopting these tips you can easily give your lawn a beautiful and aesthetic look without damaging the grass in your garden.

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