Brushed Motor Vs Brush Less Motor

What Is A Brushless Lawn Mower

The term “Brushless” is used in electric lawn mowers. The people working in the energy sector or dealing with different kinds of motors used in industries better know the concept of brushed and brushless motors. But, for the layman, there are two types of motors used in the electric and battery-powered lawn mower. One type used a brush in the winding and the other is not using brushes that kinds of mowers are called brushless lawn mowers.

When it comes to lawnmower features and innovations, a brushless is one of the most advanced and efficient mowers available in the market.

The Question is

How does a brushless mower work?

The brushless lawnmower comprises of electric motor powered by a battery source—the electric motor fitted in the mower deck. The mower’s blades are attached to the belt to drive the motor. As the motor started, the blades started spinning and cutting the grass.

Unlike ordinary lawnmowers, the brushless lawnmower has a unique design, so cutting grass through these mowers is very smooth. The brushless mowers produce very low noise, which is also an excellent benefit for the users. In short, brushless mowers have more advantages than ordinary lawnmowers concerning their efficiency, quality of work, and due to low noise factor.

What is The Difference Between a Brushed And a Brushless Lawn Mower Motor?

These are the engineering term but here I give you the basic concept which is mandatory for every lawn mower buyer who wants to buy an electric lawn mower.

There are two kinds of motor used in DC:


A brushed motor contains brushes to spin the rotor and to supply power to the rotor. The brushes are connected to the commutator bar which supplies the power and hence the brushed motor works.


The brushless motor does not contain brushes and uses electronic control to provide the power, this type of motor is much efficient and efficient than the brushed motors.


  • Low battery consumption
  • Low Noise
  • Powerful Motor to drive
  • Low Maintenance
  • No overheating issues
  • Long lasting as compared to brushed motors
  • Expensive as compared to Brushed lawn mowers
  • In case of a defect, the motor is difficult to repair
  • Few motors create vibration at low speed but this problem does not persist in every motor 


When it comes to comparing a burshed and brushless lawn mowers, the benefits, pros, and cons, are different, it depends upon the user that which mower he or she want to buy. Major differences in both lawn mowers are as follows:

  • Easy repairable
  • Low-Cost Mowers
  • Heat issues
  • Noisy Mowers
  • Need High Maintenance
  • Traditional Motor Technology
  • Difficult to repair locally
  • High-Cost
  • No overheating issues 
  • No Noise and Eco-friendlys 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Smart Motor Technology 


The basic difference is the motor in both mowers. A Brushless lawn mower uses a brushless motor while another mower uses a brushed motor.

The brushed motor uses brushes to supply the power to the rotor while the brushless lawn mower used an electronic system instead of brushes.


To conclude, In this article, I discussed the concept of brushed and brushless lawn mowers. I try to make it simple so that a layman can easily understand the difference. To know more about the electric lawn mowers types and maintenance of electric lawn mowers read the related articles named” How to start the electric lawn mowers and best selling electric lawn mowers.

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