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Lawn mower vs weed eater – what Are The Differences?

The main difference between lawn mower vs weed eater is every gardener and hobbyist is confused about the machines and tools used in gardening and does not distinguish between different machines/tools. Due to which gardener/hobbyist faces different issues and sometimes very annoying for the boss if you are employed as a gardener in any company. Therefore, in today’s article, I will discuss the differences between the lawnmower and weed eater.

What is weed Eater?

The term weed eater is used for the machine which is used to cut the grass from those places where a lawnmower cannot go like lawn corners, inside the trees, and the places with less space the weed trimmer is used to trim the grass from those places. On the other hand, lawnmowers can mow a larger area and need a suitable place to mow. Therefore if you are mowing a larger lawn then you need both of the machines. To mow the lawn using a lawn mower and to cut the grass from corners and fewer space places you need a weed eater.

Weed Eater vs Weed Whacker vs String Trimmer

There are different terms used in the market like a weed eater, weed whacker, and String Trimmer. All these terminologies are used for the same machine/tool. Weed eater, weed whacker, and string trimmer are the same thing.

Top selling Weed eaters

After understanding weed eater/weed whacker now I discussed the top-selling weed eaters available in the market and you can easily buy online or from the company’s authorized dealers. Top selling weed eaters are:


The first top-selling weed eater is 17 Inches Gas weed eater by Husqvarna company. The weed whacker is versatile and very lightweight. Gas weed eater cut the grass immediately from the corner without any difficulty. Easily available in the market for gardeners and hobbyists.

40 Volt String Trimmer Kit by Black + Decker

Another top-selling weed eater is the 40 Volt String Trimmer Combo Kit by Black + Decker. The trimmer is cordless and battery-powered (40 Volts). The weed whacker comes up with exciting features and is easily available in the market.

18 Inches Corded String trimmer by Greenworks

The third top-selling product is from Greenworks which is famous for its quality and features. The weed eater come up with a corded option. The weed eater comprises of 10 Ampere motor with 10 Inches cutting diameter. This model is easily available online and from authorized dealers.

Power Share Cordless String Trimmer

The Fourth exciting product is from WROX. The WROX (WG163) is lightweight and comes up with two batteries of 20 Volts. The WROX WG163 is a top-selling product and available with exciting features like a space guard which protect flowers and plants from any damage.


The Fifth top-selling product is the V20 weed eater/edger by CRAFTSMAN. The weed eater comes up with a 20 V battery. The weed eater has exciting features like a two-speed setting which extend the life of the battery. The products by CRAFTSMAN are always of good quality and advanced features. The weed eater has 13 Inches of cutting diameter.


Use of a weed eater is easy, but before using you must know about the safety precaution and position of your body while holding the weed eater. Know the direction anti-clock or clockwise, where you want to through the clippings of your grass, and then start working.

Yes, there are several companies that provide their product under 250 USD like Echo SRM 225, Black & Decker, Toro 51480A, Ryobi RY253SS, etc

Weed eaters are used to cutting the grass in those areas where lawnmowers cannot go. For example the corner and bottom line of your lawn.


After reading this article the user can distinguish between the weed eater and lawn mower. Additionally, weed eater/ weed whacker/string trimmer are all same with different names in the market. In the end, is to suggest you top five top-selling string trimmers for your lawn easily available in the market. For any queries, you can freely contact us through email.

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