what is mulching on a lawn mower

What is Mulching on a lawn mower and how does it work?

Are you confused about the term Mulching? This article will help you to understand the term mulching, its uses, and the pros, and cons of using the mulching option in lawn mowers.

What is Mulching?

Mulching is a process in which the lawn mower chops the grass multiple times and then puts the clippings of the grass into your lawn back. This procedure is called mulching. Nowadays most lawn mowers come with the option of Mulching. However, you can get the Mulching KIT easily from your dealer if your mower does not contain the mulching option. The blades of mulching mowers are different from the normal blades because their edges are sharp and due to the design it will cut the grass multiple times and then put the grass clipping back into the lawn. In short, the Mulching process will recycle the grass clippings and uses them in your lawn which is beneficial for the environment as well as for the growth of turf in your lawn.

How to use a Mulching mower?

The mulching mower is working similarly to other mowers and there is no extra step for using it. However, if you want to use the mulch option of your lawn mower then you must be aware of the few conditions. These conditions are:


The first condition does not use the mulching option on wet grass or when it’s raining. The mower may not cut the grass correctly owing to wetness and the blades are covered with the grass and may hamper your work.


When you are using the mulching option in your lawnmower. You must be vigilant about the height of your blades. If you do not adjust the blades’ height correctly, it will damage your turf and may cut the grass un-evenly. So, height must be adjusted according to your grass type and quantity of your grass.


If you are using a low-power lawn mower then you must be careful while doing mulching because it additionally put the load on your mower and your mower might get defective if it is under power or low power. Similarly, if you are using a low-power mower you must break your work for some time and then start again so that your mower does not get defective.


Another important point is that correct mulching will be carried out when your mower blades are sharped and are in good condition. If your mower blades are not sharp enough you might not use the mulching option because it may harmful to your lawn turf. If you want to learn about the sharpening of blades at home then you may read our article about the sharpening blades of the mower at home.



  • Mulches decrease the weed growth in your lawn
  • Mulch is helpful to moisture your turf, especially in summer
  • Help full in decreasing soil erosion
  • Helpful in extremes weather
  • In some cases mulching is responsible for the pest in the grass
  • Worms will destroy the leafs and plants because of the presence of moisture in the grass
  • In cold and moderate weather it may be responsible for less seed growth because of a decrease in the soil temperature


There are a variety of mulching kits available in the market which are suited for your lawnmower. However, few kits are universal and fitted in most of the lawnmower models. One of the best universal mulching blades is:



  • Universal Mulching Blade
  • 21 Inches
  • Made of: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 2.17 Pound
  • Item Thickness: 1 Inch

The 331905B MAXPOWER is the best selling mulching blade available in the market. The blade is made of alloy steel at a low price as compared to other blades The blade is readily available in the market and you can also buy it online without any problem.


There is a slight difference between ordinary mowers and mulching mowers. Mulching mowers contain special type blades with a specific design. However, ordinary mowers contain straight blades. Nowadays almost all lawn mower comes with 3-in-1 options i.e. mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

if you are using a mulching option in your mower, then you must clean the surfaces of the blades and the inside casing because the small clippings stick inside the mower surfaces and blades after completion of your work.

In mulching the grass clippings are put into the grass while in bagging the clippings of grass are stored in the bag attached to the mower.


To conclude, if you are living in an area where mostly weather is warm like in summers then mulching is a better option for you. If the growth of your grass is very low then the mulching option is also helpful. Finally, it depends on the gardener or hobbyist what he or she found suitable for their garden or lawn. It depends on your choice.

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