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Why does my lawn mower leave a line of uncut grass?

Are you frustrated with your lawn mower? Does it leave a row of grass uncut? Do you experience that your lawn mower leaves a row/ strip of grass uncut while mowing? These are the problems that are faced by every lawn mower user repeatedly. It is very annoying when you work nonstop on your lawn to mow the grass and when you finish your work, you see a continuous strip of uncut grass. This condition gives you stress because you have a short time to mow your lawn.

In this scenario,

There are multiple reasons behind this issue. However, this problem is entirely addressable. In this article, I will discuss the reasons behind leftover grass during mowing. You can solve the uncut grass problem at home by doing simple steps without going or visiting any workshop.

Major reasons which are responsible that your lawn mower left the uncut grass:

There are precarious reasons behind the uncut grass by lawnmowers, however, a few major reasons are explained below for your guidance and to resolve the problem at home: these reasons are:

issue with the lawn mower blades

The first and foremost reason behind the uncut grass; is that the blades of your lawnmower are dull and less sharp, this problem will responsible for the uncut grass and other associated problems with your lawnmower. It is mandatory to check the blades of your lawn mower frequently and in case of any issue, you need to get sharp the blades or replace the blades of your lawn mower. To know in detail about sharpening and removing the lawn mower blades read the article.

Grass issues

Another reason behind the uncut grass is the issue with your grass. Sometimes you do not mow your lawn for a long time, in this case, your lawn mower might not cut the grass equally and create a mess for you. To avoid this problem you need to cut the grass at least once a month so that the level of grass is equal on your lawn. If you mow the lawn in wet grass it also left the strips of grass uncut and very difficult to cut the wet grass, most lawn mowers fail to cut the wet grass.

Deck settings

Another common problem behind uncut grass is that the user set the wrong height adjustment position so that it left the grass uncut. Some time deck is too low or too high and the blade cannot access the grass accurately, as a result, it left the grass uncut. Always adjust the height adjustment according to your grass height.

Power issues

Sometimes the user uses the lawn mower at high speed which will also lead to uncut grass when you are running the lawn mower fast it steps forward and does not cut all the grass correctly to avoid this problem you need to use appropriate speed while mowing the lawn. Secondly, your engine power is too low so it uncut the grass especially when the grass is hard and heavy, in this case, you need to do maintenance of your engine so that the less power issue is resolved and you complete your work accurately.

Overlapping issues

When you mow the lawn you are mowing vertically or horizontally and in one sequence, when you overlap the second time you follow the same path as the first one. In this case, the grass inside your lawn mower tyres was not cut and you left the strips of grass uncut. Therefore always slightly change the position of your mower when you are overlapping the work so that the grass inside the tyres of your lawn mower and the grass close to the deck ends are cut in the second lap. By following this strategy you solve your uncut grass problem.

Clipping Bag is full

If you are using a bagger in your lawn mower and your bagger is full with the clipping then you might leave the grass uncut while mowing because there is no space for the grass clippings. Therefore always clear the bagger after some time so that you do not face this kind of problem.


No, if your lawn mower left grass uncut it’s not mean that your lawn mower is defective, there is a possibility that owing to some other issues your mower left the grass uncut.

It’s not about the mower type, every lawn mower left the grass uncut if your use it incorrectly or any issue with your mower.

Yes, in some cases mower types matter. For example, if you are mowing large grass in a hilly area you may need a powerful lawnmower instead of ordinary home lawnmowers which are made to cut the home grass in a plan area.

You can mow your lawn according to your convenience; if you are an early bird and you wake up early in the morning, it is better to mow the lawn after 9 am in the winter and 8 am in the summer. But time may depend on your region. Sometimes, when you mow your lawn too early, your grass sticks together due to humidity and other weather conditions, therefore, it is better to mow the lawn after sunshine at your property and your grass is parched.

If you are using a riding lawn mower or self-propelled lawn mower, you may cut the wet grass, but it is not recommended to cut the damp grass because of several reasons, like wrong shaping due to grass clippings together. Similarly, you may slip on wet grass and get injured if you mow the damp grass. Thirdly, the grass sticks to the mower’s deck, and you may face difficulty mowing grass.

Generally speaking, mowing the grass slowly is better than mowing fast because when you are mowing slowly, the mower blades work very efficiently and cut the grass smoothly. The final look of your grass is very astonishing and looks smooth.


To conclude, there are precarious reasons behind the uncut grass by lawn mowers. The major reasons behind this problem are discussed above and I hope this information is useful for you to address the uncut grass issue in your lawnmower.

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