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Many gardening professionals and home lawn enthusiasts are always finding the best lawnmower in the market. Due to technology and competitive marketing, there are different kinds and specifications available, and choosing among the best ones is quite difficult.

Similarly, every season many people try to upgrade or change their lawnmowers and they are also comparing different mowers’ specifications, in terms of price, design, and other aspects. In this article, I will compare and discuss Green works vs Ryobi lawn mowers. Which mower will give you the best cut? Which mower is best to buy? I give you an honest review based on my own experience. The choice is yours. Both companies are famous and have a good reputation in the lawnmower industry and there are thousands of happy customers of both of the companies.

The final choice is yours and I hope this article provides you with sufficient information to buy any of the lawnmowers which are ultimately best suited for your lawn/yard.


In below chart, I provide you the basic information about both companies lawnmowers:

FeatureGREENWORKS LawnmowerRyobi Lawnmower
Cutting PowerPowerful electric and Gas option, up to 80V battery powerRyobi also offers both electric and gas options, battery power is up to 40V
DurabilityDurable steel deck and high-quality material used in manufacturingIn Ryobi plastic deck is used with high-quality materials
Ease of UseGREENWORKS manufactures lightweight and easy to maneuver, lawnmowers and a few models come up with foldable handlesRyobi mowers are also lightweight with foldable handles
Cutting WidthThe cutting width is up to 21 InchesUp to 20 Inches
Cutting Height PositionsAdjustable cutting height, up to 7 PositionsIn Ryobi Adjustable cutting height of up to 6 Positions
Price Bracket$150 to $500 USD$150 to $400 USD


When it comes to comparison the first thing people note is the difference in design. People are curious about the design, everyone want a futuristic design so the major difference between both companies’ lawnmower are as follows:

Power Source:

GREENWORKS and Ryobi provide both electric and gas-powered lawn mowers, but the design of the electric lawn mower provided by GREENWORKS is quite futuristic as compared to Ryobi. On the other hand, the Gas-powered lawnmower of Ryobi company is slightly better in terms of design as compared to GREENWORKS

Cutting width:

the second design difference is the cutting width. GREENWORKS mowers typically have a larger width (21 Inches) as compared to the Ryobi which is up to 20 Inches. You can find the 1-inch difference in both mowers

Cutting height:

The third major difference is the cutting height. In this option, Green works provides more positions than Ryobi

Deck Material:

Another important difference is the deck provided by both companies. GREENWORKS deck is made of steel on the other hand Ryobi mower deck is made up of durable plastic which is lightweight.

Price Range:

The price bracket of the GREENWORKS mower is slightly higher than Ryobi lawn mowers.


When it comes to the features both companies are trying to provide the best option and due to competition in the market, every company tries to provide the best option available so that the product sale is increased. The feature are varies according to the model and price but the summarized data is as follows:

FeatureGREENWORKS LawnmowersRyobi Mowers
Self- Propelledoffer a self-propelled optionoffer a self-propelled option
Adjustable Handle HeightBoth companies offer a self-propelled option and it depends upon the model which you are going to buy
Smart Cut TechnologyIn Some models, GREENWORKS provides smart-cut technologyRyobi mowers do not contain smart-cut technology
Load Sensing TechnologyNot ProvidedProvided
Dual Battery PortProvided by GREENWORKS in some modelsNot provided in any model of Ryobi
Bluetooth connectivityNot provided by GREENWORKSRyobi provides Bluetooth connectivity in some models


The most important factor while comparing both companies are the battery specs of lawnmowers. Today everyone wants to buy electric mowers because of their efficiency, low maintenance cost, and without noise features. The battery of these mowers is the most important component therefore everyone wants a lawnmower that provides long run time. The battery comparison is as follows:

FeatureGREENWORKS MowersRyobi lawnmowers
Lithium Ion BatteryBoth companies uses lithium-ion batteries which are the latest technology available in the market
Battery VoltagesBattery voltages range between 24 Volt to 80 Volts18 Volts to 40 Volts
Battery CapacityRanges between 2 AH to 6AHSimilarly Ryobi battery capacity also ranges between 2AH to 6AH
Dual Battery PortGREENWORKS provide dual battery port in some models which allow extended runtimeNot provided by Ryobi
Load Sensing TechnologyNot provided by GREENWORKSRyobi provide Load Sensing Technology which means power output based on the thickness of the grass you are mowing


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between GREENWORKS and Ryobi lawnmowers, both companies have their own unique features and advantages. The decision for buying any of the mowers purely depends upon the user’s requirements. GREENWORKS offers a powerful cutting performance with a durable steel deck and advanced features like smart cut technology and a dual battery port. On the other hand, Ryobi provides a lightweight and easy to maneuver design with options for both electric and gas-powered lawnmowers and load-sensing technology which is very good and increases the runtime of your battery.

Finally, the best lawnmower for you is the one that will provide the most efficient and effective cut for your lawn or yard with ease.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The key differences between Ryobi and Greenworks mowers are the cutting deck size, power source, and other features. Electric mowers of Greenworks are more famous while Ryobi is famous for larger lawns. Overall, Both lawnmowers are best in their segments. People prefer Ryobi for larger lawns while Greenworks are most favorite for small home owners.

In general, Greenworks mowers are more environment friend as compared to Ryobi because most of the models are electric and emit zero emissions. Ryobi also manufactures electric mower but the larger lawnmower of Ryobi are more famous and are gas-powered.

When choosing between Greenworks and Ryobi lawn mowers, some factors to consider include the size of your lawn, the terrain, the features you need, and your personal preferences. For example, if you have a smaller lawn, a Greenworks lawnmower may be a better fit, while if you have a larger lawn with hilly terrain, a Ryobi mower with self-propulsion may be more suitable. It is also important to consider the power source, as well as the price and overall value of the mower.

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