Lawn Mower Blade Spinning But Not Cutting

Lawn Mower Blade is Spinning But Not Cutting

The weather is quite good in your area, you are busy with your work routines and you decide to mow your lawn and spend time with your family, you start mowing your lawn and you start the lawn mower, but you realize that your Lawn Mower blade is spinning but not cutting. What a pity!

Blades are the most important and primary component of lawnmowers. If blades start spinning and not cutting the grass properly, your lawn turf is uneven, and roots are damaged. Unfortunately, many people face this problem, which can be solved very easily. Similarly, in some cases it is very difficult to tackle at home.

Today, In this blog I discuss, why lawnmower blades start spinning and not cutting the grass.I try to make it simple for you so that you can resolve this problem at your home easily.

Today I discuss why lawn mower blades start spinning and not cutting the grass, I try to make it simple for you so that you can resolve this problem at your home easily.

If you are facing this problem you might check these things to resolve the issue, Lawn mower come up with two types of blade settings.

Lawn Mower Blades Problem and Solution

Direct Connection

In this type, lawn mower blades are directly connected to the engine by using the bolt in the crankshaft.


If your mower is directly connected then you face a spinning problem because the bold is loose and your blade moves without the movement of the crankshaft.


To resolve this issue, stop the mower, ensure basic safety, remove the spark plug, electric connection, etc and see the bolt inside the deck, check if your blade is moving without movement of the crankshaft then tighten the bolt by using the appropriate spanner or wrench.

Indirect connection

In this type of mower, the pulley (Belt) and bolt are responsible for the movement of blades, there are several things to check in this type of mower.


Is the Belt working fine?


Check the belt for if it is loose in the pulley or too tight then you may change the belt which is easily available in the market and you can find the new belt without any issue.


Belt is falling off?


Some people faces belt is fallen every time and it is very annoying, check the pulley system that the belt is connected correctly, normally when there is an issue with the pulley system your belt falls off, check the tensioning spring which is used in some mowers to stable the belt tension, after checking the pulley bolts, cleaning of the pulley install the belt again and start working the problem will be addressed easily.

The blade is broken or bent

Some people never sharpen the blades and uses the mower so long without inspecting and cleaning of the mower, if you are the one who doesn’t care about cleaning and servicing your mower, your mower blade is most probably broken from the edges or bends so that the condition of the blade is deteriorated, In this case, you need to sharp the lawn mower blade or to replace the blades if the condition of the blades has too much deteriorated.

Cleaning of Deck

Another common issue of blade spinning is the storage of clogs in the deck when you do not clean the deck for a long time the clog around the blade, and the debris stuck to the blade to move, in this case, you need to service your lawn mower, clean the deck thoroughly, remove the clog and debris by using a wire brush and cleaning material.


You can fix the spinning blade problem at home easily by following these steps:


The first step is to tighten all the bolts, especially if the blade is directly connected to the crankshaft. Similarly check the bolts of the pulley system also tighten the bolts of your wheel drive system, after tightening the bolts you may fix the problem in some cases where a loose bolt is responsible for the spinning of the blade.


The other step is to adjust the tension, if your mower has a tension adjustment option then your check the belt for sagging and loosing, if you see that the belt on the pulley is loose or too much tight, you need to adjust the tension of the belt, by using the screwdriver, Be careful do not tight too much it will create another problem if you adjust the tension so high and also responsible to torn your belt due to wrong tension adjustment.


Changing the belt in a big lawn mower is tricky and not easy for a layman man. To change the belt at home first you learn how to remove the old belt.

How to remove belt

if your mower has a tension adjuster then you lose the adjustment of your belt which provide enough space to remove the belt easily, while working on the pulley adjustment, be careful to use the gloves because the spring may cause injury to your hands. By losing the tension adjustment there is enough slack to remove the belt easily from the mower.

Installing a New Belt

After removing the old belt install the new belt check the actual position and install it. After installing adjust the tension by using the screw drive, give the appropriate tension between with belt and pulley, and hence your belt replacing work is completed successfully.


There are several reasons behind this problem, such as blades not being fitted properly, blades going dull, or not being sharp for long. I discussed it in detail in the above paragraphs.

You can inspect the blades thoroughly and you feel that it is dull from the edges. Additionally, you can also know the dull blades by checking the grass. Dull blades do not cut the grass properly and even sometimes destroy the grass so by examining your lawn after mowing, you easily know about the dull blade of your mower.

Sometimes the blades are not fitted properly or their nuts and bolts are loosened by the time span. In this case, you need to tighten the nuts and bolts for better performance. Similarly, if your blade’s spindle is damaged your mower does not cut the grass properly. Check the spindle for any damage and replaced it immediately if damaged for proper mowing of grass in your lawn.


To conclude, these are the basic issues that mostly occur in lawnmowers regarding the spinning of blades, but this may vary, and the problem might be complex, These steps will surely help you resolve the issue of the spinning blade, easily at home but if the problem persists then you might contact to the repair technician or the company to address the issue. Normally lawnmower machines do not generate serious problems if you are properly servicing your lawnmower on time.

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