How To Extend The Life Of Your Lawn mower

The lawnmower is essential for homeowners/ gardening professionals to reshape their yards/ lawns. It is a very handsome investment for homeowners to buy expensive lawnmowers, either gas-powered or electrical. If someone buys a riding lawnmower, it is a much more expensive investment. Therefore, many people are asking for a blog that covers how to extend the life of lawnmowers.


In the winter season, many states experience heavy snowfall and cannot use the mower for three to four months. Even some homeowners never check the mower and park it in the garage for the whole winter season.

After winter,

The mower stopped working and needs urgent maintenance/ servicing before mowing your lawn. Similarly, electric lawn mower battery issues are also arising while starting the lawnmower.

In this blog,

I shared my personal experience with you and gave you the best tips and tricks which not only extend the life of your lawnmower, but you also not face any issues regarding starting your lawnmower soon after the winter season.


It is very annoying when you have a mower with many advanced features, but when you start mowing, it is unable to start or start with the power loss. Similarly, your lawnmower stop working after a year, and you fade up with the maintenance work every month.

I shared my personal experience tips which not only extend the life of your lawnmower but also resolve day-to-day issues that you are facing with your mower. I shared 8 essential tips. After following this, you will surely not face any issues with your mower for years, and your lawnmower’s life will increase.

Regular Maintenance of your lawnmower

The first golden tip is to perform regular maintenance of your lawnmower even if you are not using the mower. Regular maintenance includes keeping the blades sharp, cleaning the air filter, and changing or checking the oil filter in case you are using a gasoline lawn mower. Check the battery voltages and terminals for any corrosion in an electric lawnmower. By doing regular maintenance, most of the problems are resolve, and your mower’s working efficiency is increased.


The second most important tip to extend the life of your lawnmower is to store it in a dry and covered place. Many people do not care about storing your expensive lawnmower and covering it in the garage, which is totally wrong. Suppose you do not care about the storage of your machine. Your mower indeed develops faults due to environmental factors because the weather outside is never the same. Sometimes it’s humid, sometimes, it’s dry, and frequent rainfall is common in many areas. Therefore all these environmental factors affect the mower parts, and your mower life is shorter.

Always store the mower in the garage or covered area on your lawn. Only changing the storage place, you feel your mower is not developing faults for months. All this is because the environmental factors do not affect the lawnmower, and rust and dust will not damage the mower parts. For storing lawnmower, you can read my blog: “how to store lawnmower in a garage


The third helpful tip to extend the life of your lawnmower is to regularly check the oil level in your gasoline lawn mower using an oil gauge. The oil is mandatory for the engine parts and for gears. If the oil level is low and you are using your mower, it will seriously damage your engine, even in some cases, your mower engine is seized.

Secondly, people typically do not care about the oil type which is used in the lawn mower. They use their generator and vehicle oil in the lawn mower. In particular, the mower company provides information about the oil type which is used. Therefore, always use the recommended oil instead of using other oils. It will increase the efficiency and performance of your mower engine. Similarly, you are not facing issues like smoke and power loss in your mower if you use the recommended oil and maintain the oil level in your mower.


The fourth tip for lawn mower users is to keep an eye on the fuel system of their lawnmowers. Many people prefer gas-powered lawnmowers but are not aware of the associated issue with combustion engines. The most common problem is that people are using old gas/ fuel in their mowers, which creates clog in the carburetors, and ultimately your mower loses power during operation. Similarly also create problem in your engine in the long run.

To address these issues, always be careful about the fuel system, and if you re-start mowing your lawn after months after the winter season before starting work, drain the old fuel/gas from your mower and refill the fresh fuel/gas. Additionally, also clean the carburetor by doing these simple steps. Your mower will never deceive you during working, and the mower’s life is also extended by following this simple but very important tip.


The fifth tip for lawnmower users is to assess your property type before starting mowing. Some people are using small electric lawnmowers, which are used for plan surfaces. People usually start mowing without assessing the lawn. Mowing rocks, debris, and weeds, mower blades go dull, and the engine uses more power and generates issues immediately.

Always use the mower according to your lawn type if your land consists of rocks, slopes, and steep areas. Similarly, if your lawn is full of weeds, debris, and hard grass, you need the mower according to your lawn type.

By assessing the type of your lawn/ property. You will find your mower safe from any damage; this habit extends your life and saves you from any significant loss.


When people buy a lawnmower, they are excited and start using it without reading the manual, even if they have no previous experience with the lawnmower. They are using the mower for the first time. Every mower company provides appropriate product information, including the total operating time in a single run. Some people use the mower for a long time, resulting in different problems, including engine failure.

Do not overuse the lawnmower to avoid problems with the engine and other parts. If you are using the mower carefully, the life of the mower is extended for a long time.


The tuning and servicing of lawnmowers after recommended use is mandatory. Many mower users are not careful about the servicing, and most of them service their mowers when it develops a major fault. It is recommended that regular tune-ups and servicing will extend the life of your machine and also increase the efficiency of the lawnmower.


Similarly, cleaning is very important. The mower is used in the open environment, and the dirt and slug are stuck into the blades and body of the mower, which is responsible for rust and corrosion in the mower. The efficiency and durability are decreased.

Therefore, always clean the lawnmower after every mowing activity. It will not only extend the life of your lawn mower but also keep your machine efficient and the same as new.


How often should I sharpen the blades of my lawn mower?

It is recommended to sharpen the mower blades at least once a year to ensure efficient cutting and to extend the life of your lawnmower.

What’s the best way to clean the mower deck of my lawn mower?

To clean the mower deck, use a scraper to remove grass clippings and then rinse it with a hose. Keeping the mower deck clean of packed grass will help your mower perform better and last longer.

How can I extend the life of my lawn mower?

To extend the life of your lawn mower, you should regularly maintain it by sharpening the blades, cleaning the mower deck, and conducting regular oil changes and filter replacements.

Is it important to lift and secure my lawn mower when conducting maintenance?

Yes, lifting and securing your mower is crucial when conducting maintenance tasks such as sharpening the blades or cleaning the underside. This ensures safety and proper access to the mower’s components.

How can I prevent corrosion and rust on my lawn mower?

To prevent corrosion and rust on your lawn mower, make sure to clean and dry the mower after each use, especially if it gets quite dirty. Applying a rust-resistant coating can also help protect the metal surfaces.

What’s the recommended frequency for oil changes in a lawn mower?

It is advisable to change the oil in your lawn mower at least once a year or after 25 hours of use for effective lawn maintenance and to prevent engine wear.

Is there a specific type of fuel I should use for my lawn mower?

Yes, always use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer for your lawn mower. Using the wrong type of fuel can lead to performance issues and potentially damage the engine.

What are some tips to help my lawn mower last longer?

To extend the life of your lawn mower, ensure regular maintenance, avoid overloading it with heavy-duty tasks, and store it properly when not in use. Additionally, don’t forget to remove grass from under your mower after each use to prevent corrosion and damage.

Can I push my lawn mower for longer without causing damage to the engine?

While it’s important to not overload your mower, pushing your mower for longer during regular use should not cause damage, especially if the mower is properly maintained and not being pushed beyond its intended capabilities.

Is it necessary to clean the air filter of my lawn mower?

Yes, cleaning or replacing the air filter is an essential part of lawn maintenance for as long as the lawn mower can operate efficiently, as a clogged filter can restrict airflow and lead to engine issues.


To conclude, the life of your lawnmower is extended by following the simple and easy steps which I explained in the blog. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the air and oil filters, and sharpening the blades, is essential. Additionally, storing the lawnmower in a dry and closed environment is also beneficial and increases the lifespan of your machine. Similarly, cleaning the mower is also essential. Lastly, always read your lawnmower’s instruction manual and follow all the recommended instructions. By doing these simple steps, the life of your lawnmower is extended, and also the efficiency and performance are similar to the new lawnmower.

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