Decoding Ariens Snowblower

What Year is My Ariens Snowblower: Determining Your Machine’s Manufacturing Year in Easy Steps

Snowblowers are essential for battling the winter’s relentless snowfall, and Ariens snowblowers stand out for their durability and performance. Whether you’re a homeowner clearing your driveway or a commercial user managing larger landscapes,

Understanding your snowblower’s manufacturing year can be Important. Many people are curious to know about What Year is My Ariens Snowblower?

This knowledge aids maintenance, ensures parts compatibility, and can affect the resale value. My focus is to guide you through decoding your Ariens snowblower’s serial number to discover its production year.

Types of Ariens Snow Blowers

Ariens offers two main types of snowblowers:

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

These are great for light to moderate snowfall. They have a limited throw distance but do the job for smaller areas. A good example is the Ariens Path-Pro 21 in. Single-Stage Snow Blower-208cc. While they are easier to maneuver, they might not be the best for heavy snow.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Designed for serious snow removal, these can easily handle deep and heavy snow. The Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24 Two-Stage 254cc Snow Blower is an excellent example. These models are more powerful but also heavier and more expensive.

How to Find Serial Numbers in Ariens Snow Blower

Finding your Ariens snowblower’s serial number is the first step in unlocking its manufacturing secrets. These numbers are typically on the frame, engine, or auger housing. I will guide you through identifying these numbers with visual aids, ensuring you can easily locate them.

Deciphering Serial Numbers in Ariens Snow Blowers

Serial numbers may seem like a random string of characters. Still, each segment holds information about your snowblower’s production, details how to interpret these codes, and highlights the importance of using Ariens’ resources for accurate decoding.

Pros and Cons of Different Years

The year your snowblower was manufactured can influence its performance and maintenance needs:

Older Models are praised for their simplicity and durability but might lack modern features that enhance efficiency and ease of use. Finding replacement parts can also be more challenging.

Newer Models come equipped with advanced technology, offering improved performance and features. However, they can come with a higher price tag and, in some cases, may have more complex maintenance needs.

How to Read and Interpret Serial Numbers with Examples

Introduction to Serial Number Format

Arien Snowblower’s serial numbers are more than just a random string of characters. They hold key information about your machine, such as when and where it was made. Typically, these serial numbers include letters and numbers, each part revealing something important about your snowblower.

Step-by-Step Guide for Reading Arien Snow Blower Serial Number

Year of Manufacture: The first two digits often represent the year the snowblower was manufactured. For example, a serial number starting with “19” might indicate a production year 2019.

Production Line and Plant: The following letters or numbers can indicate the production line or manufacturing plant. This part varies significantly between models and over time, so consult your manual or the Ariens website for specifics.

Day of the Year and Manufacturing Order: The next segment may detail the day of the year and the order in which your snowblower was made on that day. For instance, “0325” could mean the 325th product made on that particular day.


Serial Number: 190325XYZ123

Interpretation: Manufactured in 2019, on the 325th day of the year, details XYZ (which could be specific to the model or plant), and 123 is the production sequence.

Maintenance Tips for Old and New Ariens Snow Blower Models

For Older Models

Lubrication Points: Regularly lubricate moving parts, such as the auger and drive shaft, with high-quality grease to prevent wear and tear.

Belt Adjustments: Inspect belts annually for signs of wear. Adjust the tension as necessary, following the guidelines in the user manual, to ensure optimal performance.

Carburetor Maintenance: Clean the carburetor at least once a season, especially before storage, to prevent clogging and ensure smooth operation.

For Newer Models

Electronic Components Care: Clean and dry all electronic components, such as displays and electric start buttons. Check connections regularly for signs of wear or corrosion.

Fuel Injection System Maintenance: Use fuel stabilizers to keep the fuel fresh and prevent buildup in the fuel injection system. Always use the grade of fuel recommended by Ariens.

Synthetic Oil: Synthetic oil is recommended for newer models, especially in colder climates, as it provides better protection and can help the engine start more easily in cold weather.

General Maintenance

Seasonal Storage: After the last use of the season, clean your snowblower thoroughly, change the oil, and apply a light coat to prevent rust. Store in a dry, covered area.

Safety Precautions: Always disconnect the spark plug before performing any maintenance to prevent accidental starting.


What are the key components of an Ariens snowblower serial number?

The Ariens snowblower serial number includes both a model and serial number, which are essential for determining the manufacturing year of the machine.

How can I find my Ariens snowblower’s model and serial number?

The model and serial number information can usually be found on a label on the snowblower’s back panel, under the handles, but above the wheels. Alternatively, it may be located underneath the muffler or directly on the engine.

Why is it important to determine the manufacturing year of my Ariens snowblower?

Knowing the manufacturing year of your Ariens snowblower can be vital for obtaining the correct parts, seeking service, and assessing the resale value of your machine.

Can the model and serial number also help determine the engine type on my Ariens snowblower?

Yes, the model and serial number, along with other identifying information, such as the model and spec number, can also help identify the type and details of the engine on an Ariens snowblower.

How do I decode the model and serial numbers to determine the manufacturing year?

Decoding an Ariens snowblower’s model and serial numbers involves looking for specific patterns or codes in the numbers that Ariens uses to indicate the manufacturing date. These patterns typically vary based on the age of the snowblower, so it’s essential to use the correct method for the specific model.

What are some common locations for the model and serial numbers on an Ariens snowblower?

The model and serial numbers are commonly located on a label attached to the snowblower in a few places, including beneath the muffler, on the back panel, underneath the handles and above the wheels, or directly on the engine.

I have an older Tecumseh engine on my Ariens snowblower. How can I determine the manufacturing year of the engine?

To determine the manufacturing year of an older Tecumseh engine, you would typically need to locate and decode the model and spec numbers, usually found on the engine itself.

Can I determine the manufacturing year of my Ariens snowblower based on the code number of a Briggs engine?

Yes, the code number of a Briggs engine can provide information that assists in determining the manufacturing year. However, the specific method may differ from decoding the Ariens snowblower model and serial numbers.

Are there any additional details or identifying marks that can help figure out the manufacturing year of an Ariens snowblower?

Depending on the specific model and age of the snowblower, other unique marks, such as the color of certain components or the style of the machine, may also be used to help determine the manufacturing year.

How can I make sure I’m using the correct method to decode my Ariens snowblower’s model and serial numbers?

Ariens provides detailed resources and documentation, including guides and manuals for their snowblower models, which can assist in correctly decoding the model and serial numbers to determine the manufacturing year.


In wrapping up our exploration of decoding Ariens snowblower serial numbers, I have unlocked not just the secrets to identifying the manufacturing year of these robust machines but also how such knowledge can significantly enhance maintenance practices, ensure compatibility with necessary parts, and potentially increase resale value of your Ariens Snwoblower.

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