spark plug and spark plug wire issues in lawn mower

Spark Plug And Wire Issues In Lawn Mowers

The spark plug is a particular type of plug which is used in an engine to ignite the fuel and air mixture inside the cylinder of the lawn mower or any other machine to start the engine. Spark plug plays an essential role in starting your lawn mower. If your lawn mower spark plug is dirty or the spark plug wire got defective, the lawnmower won’t start.

Spark Plug Wire

Defective spark plug wire is also a common problem in lawn mowers, spark plug wire burns due to washing your lawn mower or using it in the rain. So, it is vital that lawn mower users know how to change or splice the spark plug wire.

Understanding Spark Plug Basics

Spark plugs are essential for the proper functioning of a lawn mower engine. They provide the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine’s cylinder, enabling the engine to start and run smoothly. Without a functioning spark plug, your lawn mower wouldn’t be able to operate.

A spark plug consists of several key components. The electrode is the part that produces the spark. It’s usually made of metal and is found at the tip of the spark plug. The insulator is made of ceramic material and surrounds the electrode, preventing the electrical current from leaking. There are also other parts, like the terminal, which connects to the ignition system, and the gasket, which seals the spark plug in place.

Common Symptoms of Spark Plug Problems

How can you tell if your spark plug is bad? One common sign is difficulty starting the mower. If your lawn mower takes multiple attempts to start, it could be due to a faulty spark plug. Another symptom is a rough idle, where the engine runs unevenly or sputters when it’s not under load.

A bad spark plug can significantly impact your mower’s performance. When the spark plug doesn’t function properly, it can cause the engine to run less efficiently, leading to increased fuel consumption and reduced power. In severe cases, a bad spark plug can even cause the engine to stall or fail to start altogether.

Checking and Cleaning of Spark Plug in Lawn Mower

A layman can easily check the spark plug at home without any hurdle just using an appropriate socket spanner/ spark plug wrench that comes with the tool kit of your lawn mower. To diagnose the faulty spark plug follow these steps:

Step 1:

First, you should remove the spark plug wire holder from the plug.

Step 2:

After removing the wire, now using a socket spanner of appropriate size or spark plug wrench remove the spark plug by moving it in anti-clockwise.

Step 3:

Check the spark plug connection for noticeably carbon on its connecting point.

Step 4:

Clean it thoroughly by using the wire brush and a cleaning liquid like WD-40 or petrol, wash it carefully and use a wire brush to remove the carbon from its connection point.

Step 5:

Now, check the spark plug holder for any damage or wetness. In a case, if you see water inside the plug holder then you might use compressed air to clean it and dry it out from the water.

Step 6:

After cleaning both spark plug and spark plug holder install it again and start the lawnmower.

Changing of Spark Plug in Lawn mowers

Changing the spark plug is very easy, every spark plug has a specific number to find out the number of your lawn mower spark plug you need to see the instruction manual of your lawn mower. After finding the number of your lawn mower spark plug order it online or buy it from any hardware store and follow the above-mentioned steps to remove the old spark plug and install a new one in the lawn mower.


The spark plug wire issue is the most common problem in lawnmowers. Most of the time home owners face this problem repeatedly. The wire is broken and soiled if not cleaned after regular intervals. Similarly, the wire is of low quality and deteriorated and damaged after a few months. To avoid visiting workshops and asking the neighbor for splicing and repairing. I write down the simple steps, after reading you are able to splice and repair your damaged wire easily. These steps are:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the wire from the spark plug if connected.
  • Step 2: Closely inspect the wire for damage and broken.
  • Step 3: Use Cutter Plier/ Wire striper to strip the insulation wire.
  • Step 4: Now start splicing and connect both corner of the wire together.
  • Step 5: After connection, use the electrical tap and cover both wires separately so that it does not touch each other.
  • Step 6: Clear all the tools from your mower and re-install the spark plug.
  • Step 7: Start the lawnmower.

These are the simple steps to splice the damaged spark plug wire. By following these steps you can easily splice the wire and save your time and money by contacting the repair technician or visiting a workshop.


The spark plug is an essential part of any machine and especially for lawn mowers. In general, every lawn mower user must know this basic information to save money and time. If you call the mechanic or technician for these small problems, it will be a waste of your time and additionally also a financial burden for your daily use budget. Therefore this information is very vital if you are regularly using a lawn mower to mow your lawn grass. I hope this article will help you diagnose and replace the spark plug of your lawn mower.

There are multiple reasons behind the spark plug failure. It depends upon the life of the spark plug. Similarly, the spark plug got defective due to carbon and environmental effects. Some people also face this issue due to overheating and engine problems. There is no specific reason for spark plug failure.

There is no specific time to change the spark plug wires. In general, when you service your lawn mower, check the wire condition, i.e. insulation of the wire, any visual damage, and the state of the wire deteriorating. If you find any issues, you must change the spark plug wire. Sometimes wires break from the inside, which looks excellent, but internal cables do not transmit the electric current properly and cause trouble in your mower.

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