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Lawn Mower With Baggers

Bagger is the term used for storing grass clipping in lawn mowers normally made of nylon or fabric or plastic to store the clipping of your grass while you mow your lawn. The lawnmowers come with a bagger in default. In some cases, you additionally buy the bagger for your mower.


The blades that mow the grass and deck can protect the grass from going outside in different directions, therefore, the grass clippings go inside the bagger attached to your lawn mower by the air pressure produced because of the moving blades of your lawn mower.


bagger for lawnmower

By default, the lawn mower bagger is small in size and comes up with a few models from several companies. But nowadays very good quality baggers are available in the market according to your lawn mower model. It is very economical, strong and with a larger capacity to store the grass clippings. If you don’t want to empty your bagger in mid of your work you need a bagger with a larger capacity so that all the clippings are stored and at the end, you empty the bagger. All the varieties are available easily online you just need to select according to your use and requirements.

Why Choose a Riding Lawn Mower with a Bagger?

Are you tired of spending hours raking up grass clippings after mowing your lawn? A riding lawn mower equipped with a bagger might just be your solution.

Maintaining a Pristine Lawn:

Baggers collect grass clippings as you mow, leaving your lawn looking neat without any unsightly debris scattered around.

Saving Time:

With a bagger attached to your riding mower, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent raking or blowing grass clippings. It streamlines the lawn care process, allowing you to tackle other tasks or enjoy your well-manicured lawn sooner.

Less Work:

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually collecting and disposing of grass clippings. A bagger does the job for you, making lawn maintenance a breeze.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Riding Lawn Mower with a Bagger

Before making a purchase, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the right riding mower with a bagger for your needs:


Consider the speed capabilities of the riding mower. Faster mowers can cover more ground in less time, increasing efficiency.

Cut Quality:

Look for a mower that provides a clean and even cut. This ensures a professional-looking lawn with every pass.


Determine your budget and find a riding mower with a bagger that offers the features you need at a price point that fits your financial plans.

Options for Handling Grass Clippings:

Some riding mowers come with mulching kits or discharge options in addition to bagging capabilities. Evaluate these options based on your preferences and lawn care requirements.

Choosing the Right Bagger: Compatibility and Capacity

When selecting a bagger for your riding mower, two key factors to keep in mind are compatibility and capacity:


Not all baggers are compatible with every riding mower model. Ensure that the bagger you choose is designed to fit your specific mower model to avoid compatibility issues.


Consider the size of your lawn and how much grass you typically need to collect. Choose a bagger with an appropriate capacity to accommodate your lawn size without needing frequent emptying.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the perfect riding lawn mower with a bagger to keep your lawn looking its best with minimal effort.


There are a variety of externally attached baggers for lawn mowers available in the market. Mostly for riding lawn mowers but before buying a lawn mower bagger you need to confirm that this bagger will fit in your lawn mower. The type of bagger is different and varies from company to company. The top models of bagger are as follows:


  • The bagger is best for the riding lawn mower with a cutting deck of up to 54 Inches by MTD.
  • Larger Capacity of 10 Bushels
  • 03 x bucket to store the grass
  • Mower Size 50-54 Inches
  • Compatibility: Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt, Craftsman


  • The double bagger is best for medium size lawnmowers
  • Capacity of 6.5 Bushels
  • Come up with 02 x Buckets
  • Size: 42 to 46 Inches
  • Compatibility Troy Bilt, Cub Cadet, Yard Machines, Craftsman


  • Arnold Mini Rider bagger is best for the 30 Inches cutting deck lawn mowers. The mower is very easy to install and de-install and very popular among the gardening hobbyists.
  • Capacity of 3.25 Bushels
  • Buckets 02
  • Size of Mower deck 30 Inches
  • Compatibility Cub Cadet, Murray, Troy Bilt and Craftsman


  • Large frame riding mower by craftsman is designed for craftsman lawn mowers for the larger deck of 50-54 inches.
  • Capacity of 10 bushels
  • Buckets 03
  • Size: 50-54 Inches deck
  • Compatibility Craftsman


  • Fast attached double bagger is designed for cub cadet lawn mowers. The bagger is fitted to a variety of cub cadet lawn mowers. The bagger best fit for cutting decks of 42 to 46 Inches.
  • Capacity of 6.5 Bushels
  • 02 x Buckets
  • Compatibility Cub Cadet


There are a few ethics that must be followed by everyone living in a town or society, and when you are working on your lawn, you need to be more careful so that your neighbors are not in trouble with your work. The bagger is very useful for storing the grass clippings while mowing your lawn. Baggers are typically made of fabric or plastic and are readily available in the market. After completion of work, you can empty the clippings in the bin or if you are using these clippings for other purposes.


The lawn mower bagger is used to store the clippings of your grass.

Yes lawnmower come up with the pre-installed baggers but the storing capacity is low

You can buy online or by visiting the store of your lawnmower company.

No, not every bagger fit your lawnmower, it depends upon the company, size, and type of your lawnmower.

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