can a bad solenoid drain your battery

Can a bad solenoid drain your battery

The solenoid is a small device inside the starter motor. When you switch on the lawn mower ignition switch the battery sent a small electrical signal to the stator solenoid. The solenoid then closes the switch and hence the larger amount of current is sent to the starter motor. The solenoid is directly connected to the battery. So a question came into mind that does the solenoid responsible for the drainage of the battery?

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The answer is NO

The bad solenoid is not responsible for the drainage of your battery. The bad solenoid is responsible for other issues in your lawnmower, for example, if you are in the mood to mow your garden but your lawnmower does not start after several tries, it means your solenoid is not working properly and does not provide the current to the stator and your engine does not start.


  • Engine of your lawnmower does not start or crank
  • No voice when you are giving ignition
  • Stator spins a little and suddenly stops


To troubleshoot the defective solenoid follow these steps:

  • First check the battery voltages.
  • Follow the red wire and check the voltages at the solenoid terminals. If the voltages are present in the solenoid terminals it means the battery provides the voltages to the solenoid.
  • Now you need to clean the battery terminals, and solenoid terminals for any carbon, rust, or moisture on the terminals and clean them properly.
  • After cleaning connect the wire connections to the solenoid and battery.
  • Try to start the engine if the engine starts it means your wire connections to the solenoid are not providing the current to the solenoid and after cleaning and tightening the connections it starts working.

Note: if the engine does not start after doing the above steps it means YOUR SOLENOID MIGHT BE DEFECTIVE AND YOU NEED TO REPLACE THE SOLENOID. The solenoid is not much expensive so you can buy it very easily locally.


The solenoid is the connection between the stator and the battery; it is working like a switch and is not directly responsible for the battery drain. In some cases, defective solenoids can cause current leakage and maybe drain the battery but it is not very common. But defective solenoid is very dangerous for your lawnmower because it is the main bridge to start the engine and if it is not working properly it will disturb your work and may be responsible for the fire in your mower engine because of heat up and defective coils. Therefore in case of a bad solenoid, you immediately contact your mechanic and find a possible solution. The mechanic will replace the solenoid in your lawnmower and you start your work again.

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